Kale and Mango

Today was a wonderful day, as it was a sunny day! 

My morning flew by as I was exploring the area. I discovered a new neighbourhood, with a large grocery store. It finally had all the supplies I needed so that I may return to baking next week. On top of it all, everything was at a reasonable price. The store even had a bakery section, where you were able to try their many offerings of freshly baked breads. I bought a loaf of olive bread, and only half of it actually made it home. It was just that good! 

On my walk, I also saw a unique brick building. Somewhat rundown, but with a beaming clock tower. The word ‘Gillette’ was written on the font of the structure. Upon doing research, I realized it is a historic building, and it did house the European headquarters of Gillette. It has now switched hands, and there are plans to turn it into a hotel. Would be a cool one I suppose. 

I anxiously awaited the arrival of Laci in the evening. I tested a new recipe, and I would say it was one of the best meals I made so far. A massaged kale mango salad. Yes, I massaged the kale. A really easy recipe my friend Gaby passed on. With a small piece of salmon, it was deliciously healthy. 

Now off to bed I go, as I have a big day ahead of me tomorrow! 



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