Rain rain go away

Another rainy day in the London area…and today I was drenched. I spent the morning in the living room: watching movies, catching up on snail mail and drinking maple tea to stay warm. I also received my National Insurance Number in the mail! Yay one thing down, a million more to go. 

After lunch, I started my adventure in the rain. First stop was the GP office, also known as the family doctor. Registration is fairly simple, just have to fill out a couple of pages and return it. It appears that the UK has no ID cards. The National Insurance Number, as well as the National Health Services Number are just numbers on a piece of paper.

I then made my way to Hounslow. It’s a short bus ride, a busy street filled with all kinds of shops. I’ve been told its not the best area, but you can find everything. I did manage to buy some groceries, a notepad and pink nail polish. I explored the area for a bit, but the rain won, and I soon rushed home to warm up. 

For dinner, we tried a another beer from Fuller’s brewery. It was a strong dark brew, but I couldn’t resist the cool design of the label: black cab. While I opted for a healthier dinner, chicken stir-fry; we had a Magnum for dessert. And they were on clearance! 

We spent our evening at home, watching a movie on Netflix. All in hopes that Thursday would be a sunnier, more eventful day. 



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