Monday Blues 

It’s Monday again. I arrived to London two weeks ago. Time is flying, yet it seems like I’ve been here forever. 

Today I also reminded myself of the wonderful birthday gift Laci got me. A lovely card, in which he asked me to join him for afternoon tea at the Ritz London. Celebration tea with champagne next Monday! I believe I am spoiled rotten. I’m speechless and beyond excited for this date night and aiming to brush up on my Royal etiquette during the next few days….

I also further explored my bucket of Cadbury chocolates. I’m still amazed as I have never seen anything like it before. I finally determined which flavour is my favourite. Strawberry dream. A milk chocolate filled with  creamy strawberry filling. Simply divine. 

Today is a late night for Laci, so I spent most of my day cleaning, and organizing my documents, as well as making plans for the rest of the week. He works 8 days straight and many 12 hour shifts. 

While preparing dinner for tonight, I made myself a nice glass of lemon and lime water. Such a refreshing combo to enjoy. Our dinner will be potatoes and chicken stuffed with herbs and Canadian goat cheese. Add to it a fresh salad, and we will be stuffed. 

That’s my day in a nutshell. Hoping the rain will stop so I can do some exploring in the next few days. 



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