The deer in Richmond Park

It was a culinary morning for Laci today. He decided he will make crepes for the first time! A few hurdles along the way, but mastered it very quickly. We first had savoury with ham and cheese and then finished with sweet crepes of Nutella and fruit. 

We started our walk along the typical route to Richmond. Once we hit the Thames, we explored little side streets with fancy buildings and adorable cottages. We found the Swan restaurant in one of these cottages. A place to come back to for a Sunday lunch! 

We soon made our way back to the Thames and discovered a nice little walkway along the river. It was full of life. Local pottery shops, bars and lots of birds. Swans, ducks, herons and Canadian geese. I even had the pleasure of sitting in some poop. 

We also saw a little local market. My favourite part was the two or three tier cake stands you can make! They had a selection of vintage plates with drilled holes in them. You could then use these to build your own stand on the spot! Can’t wait to come back and purchase one soon! 

We walked along the river. Then through Terrace garden and Terrace field. On the mountain top we made a stop at Roebuck pub for a cider and beer. We sat for a while overlooking the beautiful green space in front of us. As perfect as everything was, seeing all the planes fly by makes it hard. I really miss my family, friends and Canada. 

We then made way to Richmond park. At just over 2300 acres it is the largest Royal park in London. It houses a number of historic buildings, but first and foremost is of national and international importance for wildlife conservation. There are 650 fallow and red deers that roam free in the park! We had the privilege of running into two of these herds. I really loved how close you can be to them. Just a mesmerizing experiment it was! 

On our way home, we encountered a few hiccups with the public transport. But we made it home around 8 pm, ready for an early night in. 



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