The Royal Castle

This morning, I woke up to a bucket of Cadbury chocolates. And a delicious breakfast Laci prepared. Yoghurt parfait and a power bagel with Camembert and avocado! 

We then made our way to take a bus and train. Although he was trying to conceal the destination, the detective in me soon figured out that we were heading to Windsor!!! Home of Windsor castle! The world’s oldest and largest inhabited castle! 

As we made our way up to the castle, we saw busy streets crowded with tourists and shoppers alike. High end boutiques, cute candy stores and pretty pink tea houses! 

Even with the admission fee being very high, the line up was massive! However, since Laci is a tax payer, we actually have the opportunity to come back anytime during the next year! Multiple times! That made me very excited. 

We first toured the grounds, admired the structure, the guards and the rose garden. They even featured a photo exhibit of the Queen which really was amazing! Oh. We also saw random corgis. Stuffed corgis. I wonder who places them in random locations all over the palace? 

We then headed in to appreciate all the splendour it had to offer. Photography was not allowed, but I do believe it is something everyone has to see once. The armour rooms, the ballrooms, the artwork and craftsmanship. I was amazed at Queen Mary’s dollhouse. It was a collection of miniature items that actually work. It has real electricity and plumbing. Actual silver plates and books with pages in them! We spent more than 4 hours in the castle. We ended our adventure by participating in an Evensong service at the chapel. Everything was just beautiful. I can’t wait to go back again and further admire this historic gem in Windsor. 

Starving after the long day, we decided to try a Japanese moving sushi bar. It was an amazing choice. We tasted many delicious dishes, and Laci even enjoyed a nice can of their beer. 

As an end to a great day, we tried an ice cream as we walked along the river Thames. A swan navy was guarding the city ever so graciously. 

A beautiful day in a beautiful place. 



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