Birthday Rock 

It was my birthday! What a day! Laci was so sweet. He woke up early before work to suprise me with flowers and a delicious breakfast! I also got a sweet card and a box of handcrafted chocolates. 
I then went back to finally open my birthday card from Kait. I loved it! Nothing better than a hand made card with an ice-cream cone! 

I then went on a 3.5 km walk to reach Richmond area. I walked along the Thames, on wonderful bridges and green fields. It was such a nice sunny day. 

I soon arrived to the busy streets of the town. I admired bakeries, cafes and restaurant. I also found another cute book store for children. I was just looking around admiring the colourful selection, when I overheard a lady looking for a book for a 5 year old little girl. The sales associate then asked “if she prefers something peculiar and strange or wonderful and charming?”. In a British accent. It made me happy. 

I finally stepped foot into Hummingbird Bakery. For years I’ve read their books and admired their baked goods. And I was finally in their store! I had an espresso and a salted caramel cupcake. It was Friday, meaning they have a special deal. When you say TREAT A FRIEND they treat you to a complimentary cupcake. So I selected the American brunch cupcake to bring home for Laszlo. Vanilla with hints of maple, caramel and bacon!!! 

I also discovered Jack Wills a local designer of British clothing. They offer a range of preppy attire. Will definitely have to go back once I have a job. 

I spent the afternoon at home relaxing. When Laci arrived home from working, he suprise me with a letter from Canada! My family sent birthday card, all unique and hand designed. My parents even made one with a cute illustration my mom did. Dan used an old photo of me pretending to be my grandma. He said now I am actually reaching that stage. And well Anna’s card was just too perfect! 

We then enjoyed a Pimm’s cup cider at home garnished with lime and blueberries. The lovely British family also sang me happy birthday, and surprised me with a sweet card, a bottle of wine and a BUCKET of Cadbury chocolates!!!

We then headed out for dinner. Laci selected a chic restaurant in Richmond called Rock & Rose. Their motto is “food passion glamour”. It is a colourful, flamboyantly decorated restaurant mixing antique and modern, with an international menu and a divine list of cocktails! We arrived during happy hour, so the drink selection was on special. My first drink: pretty lady. My second drink: golden peacock. Most people know about my obsession with peacocks. They were both perfect!

Dinner was delicious.  With opted with shrimp tempura for an app. I tried their chicken with yasmine rice and a lemongrass coconut sauce. The flavours were amazing! Definitely a place to bring friends! 

I also received another birthday card from my boyfriend with a special birthday present. I will have to write all about it tomorrow! 

Our evening ended with a beautiful Oreo cheesecake. It was delicious…just like everything else was today! 

Thank you everyone for all the special messages! They made my first UK birthday perfect. Also, thank you for my early birthday cards I received in Canada earlier. Loved them all! 



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