The Garden Centre 

Today was an odd day. It just sort of was with the anticipation/fear of my birthday tomorrow. Birthdays still make me excited, just as Christmas does. The celebrations and the happiness. It will be a bit quiter this year, but I am excited for it. 

This morning I opted for a walk in Syon park and a visit to the garden centre. Again, too many choices. I wasn’t able to pick a succulent to take home yet. I admired all the plants though and their perfect shapes and colours. I also opted for a nice tea in their Cafe. It such a bright little location to take a rest and enjoy the morning. 

On my way out, I admired their hand packed confectionary bags. So many colourful options to choose from! 

After we had a salmon dinner with Laci, he suprised me with a prebirthday red velvet cupcake! I was so shocked and happy! Although a lot less sweet than the Canadian version, I loved it! 

Now I’m heading to bed. On my night stand I have a special card from a special friend to be opened tomorrow morning.



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