Pink Door in Isleworth

I felt so sleepy all day today. It was a busy day of everyday things. 

In the morning, I did a lot of organizing, cleaning and laundry. I also dropped off my winter coat for dry cleaning. The attendant figured out I was Canadian and liked my name. In the end I got a 30% discount so I was happy! 

For lunch, I made a salad with BBQ chicken and a French style dressing. I met Laci at the hospital. He gave me a little tour of the facility, as it was a slow day in the land of medicine and he actually had the opportunity to take a break. So many patients at hospitals. When people are sad, they really should be thankful and happy that they are healthy and well. It could always be so much worse. 

In the afternoon, I focused on completing more job applications, and also preparing a taco dinner. Which turned out to be a great meal. 

To work off the calories, we then went for a two hour walk in the area. We walked to the town of Richmond Upon Thames. It really is just another part of greater London. However, it’s full of beautiful trees, quaking ducks and luxury homes. 

Since I was really craving something sweet, Laci surprised me with a magnum. A pink magnum. A raspberry flavoured pink magnum. And this suprise just so happened to be in front of a pink door. All the pink made me happy, and it tasted divine. 

Once we arrived home we started to watch Big Fish. 

But enough said, have a lovely day everyone! 


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