Travels in Tooting 

Today was a grey day in London. 

In other news, I had an appointment to attain my National Insurance number at 1.35 pm in Tooting neighbourhood. It meant an hour long journey with multiple tubes. I made it without a problem! Yay! 

While the main strip wasn’t the friendliest, I soon discovered many cute spots. The area had a number of churches, flower shops, cute cafes and hundreds of identical houses. 

As a stop for lunch, I picked DeeLight Bakery located on a small side streets. I tried their flat white and a sandwich (which unfortunately came with a side of crisps). I admired their showcase, cake decorating party sign and a toast station which offered a variety of toppings and unlimited toast for 2£!!!!

My appointment was quick and easy. Should have it mailed in 2-4 weeks hopefully. 

On my way home, I couldn’t resist the cake display of Tartine Bakery. I carefully selected a fruit tart to bring home to share tonight after dinner. The waiter wrapped it in a lovely box and hence supplied my dose of pretty for the day.

I then wondered on the small streets of the neighbourhood, discovering beautiful areas blooming with flowers.

In the evening, Laci and I went for a walk in Hounslow shopping area. While most of the shops were closed, we managed to get our groceries for the night as well as for the next couple of days. 

Dinner was garlic bread, and oven baked chicken with veggies. Dessert was the fruit tart. If I may say so, it tasted as good as it looked. 

Today also was a big day for a special little person in my life. Sadie started grade one today. I sent her a little video to wish her good luck. In return, I received a cute voice memo from her. Today I really missed my little Sadster. 




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