White House 

I arrived in London one week ago! I feel like I’ve already seen so much. 

Today was a very average day, I spent most of my time organizing, cleaning, catching up on some emails and job searching. 

I also managed to make some lovely meals today. My breakfast was maple tea and a toasted bagel. But lunch was a whole new level. Since Laci insisted, I started to experiment with avocado. So I managed to create a super sandwich, which is super tasty. The ingredients are: 

Ciabatta bun

Touch of olive oil

Slice of prosciutto 

Brie cheese 

After grilling the above, I added slices of avocado, tomatoes, peppers and onions. With a salad for side, it was delicious! 

Since Laci finished work at a decent time, we decided to go for a walk. We saw beautiful flowers and lovely white houses. Only when we were along the Thames did I notice that exactly a week ago when I arrived we walked along the riverside in the same dress. 

In our way home, we stopped at a grocery store and grabbed a Chilien wine. Our landlord suggested Chilien, and we didn’t mind experimenting. Even with the pound being worth so much, it was a very cheap bottle of wine! 

We then headed home to make dinner. It was one of the best ones we made so far….and the quickest. Potatoes, asparagus and salmon. It tasted just right, and was ready in about 30 minutes. 

Now off to bed I go. Tomorrow I have my appointment to apply for a National Insurance number. 

Sending love to my home peeps. 


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