My Friend Ben

Our Sunday morning started off with coffee, tea, a yoghurt parfait and a bagel. As it was a sunny day, we decided to head to tourist area central London to visit those major sites. It took us about 55 minutes to get there, a double decker bus and the underground tube. 

I first laid eyes on Ben as we walked up from the station. We were greeted by sunshine, central city hustle and the beaming tower. We spent a few hours admiring ‘him’ from all different perspectives. 

We then made our way to St. Margaret’s Church. A rather small building in comparison to its surroundings, but beautiful decor. It felt that it wasn’t as lavish as many others. Most intriguing was the contrasting stained glass windows. Some very typical motives featuring religious stories, while others very modern with abstract designs.

We then lined up to partake in the evensong service at Westminster Abbey. We were lucky enough to be sitting in the choir stalls just across from the choir. It was a really a beautiful ceremony, and a meaningful sermon in regards to the refugee crisis in Europe. Unfortunately, photography was not permitted. But if was grand.

After this wonderful service, we headed towards Buckingham Palace. It wouldn’t have been London if we didn’t find another cute pub. Situated among modern glass buildings, The Albert is a true Victorian gem. Built in 1862, the pub has a 150 year old history and  its full of character. It is like a traditional pub, but a bright welcoming atmosphere. I tried the Pimm’s Cider Cup. Very refreshing with hints of strawberry, cucumber and lime! Laci tried 1730. He said it was good with fruity aromas! 

As we continued our journey, we made a quick stop at Happy Hotty bakery, and shared a salted caramel cupcake. It may have been one of the best cupcakes I ever had! 

We soon arrived to Buckingham palace. The gates and the building is beautiful, but too many tourists to really enjoy the view. Instead, we opted for a walk in green park. We then explored posh British streets. Shiny cars, high end boutiques and beautiful apartments. 

After an interesting bathroom adventure for Laci, we headed home for dinner. It was a clean eating type of meal that he prepared. Vegetables, salad, chicken and avocado. 

It’s an early night to bed as the work week is beginning tomorrow. My first week in London has also come to an end. I’m definitely a little bit more emotional, as I really miss my family. But hope to see them very soon for big hugs and lots of laughter. 



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