Colourful South London

We started our Saturday morning with a cup of coffee, cup of tea and a bowl of yoghurt parfait. Energized, we headed out for a day with a jacket and umbrella in hand.

Laci took me to the Brixton Market located in the southern part of London. As it was the first weekend of the month, they had a bakers & flea market. Everything was so bright and colourful! The market was exploding with multiethnic offerings of food, sparkly things and unique flea finds. 

Amongst it all was an innovative space called Pop Brixton. It is built from containers. Those ugly containers house the newest generation of local food and drink entrepreneurs.

We spent hours exploring the market and the surrounding area. We admired the local offerings, and awed at the architecture. For lunch, we shared a small Greek souvlaki wrap. We then found new areas consisting of fresh fish, and restaurants of all different flavours.

Our next stop was at Salon located at 18 Market Row. It was a little heaven for seasonal, inventive British dining. While their house wine was from France, we were able to enjoy a tasting of local cheese: blue, brie and cheddar. Paired with their chutney and sour dough bread toast was everything we wanted. 

We then made our way among neighbourhoods consisting of hundreds of identical houses. We soon arrived to Brockwell park, where we enjoyed an afternoon tea with a slice of pecan pie to share. It was the worst cake I ever tasted.

Next, it was time to enter the fun fair! Lights were flashing, but it was a scary little event. We went on the horror house ride, where at one point we actually had to push our cart to move. At the next corner, the operator physically scared us. Then, it was time for Laci to try the big spinner. I’m glad I refused to partake in this. 

Our walk at the end of the day was lovely. We explored an upper middle class neighbourhood and found the cutest children’s book store. We discovered new churches and a posh area with art galleries and antique stores. 

This area needs another day. The Dulwich Picture Gallery is to be viewed and a drink is to be had at Belair House. 

Thinking of the special days happening in Canada for friends this weekend.  









One thought on “Colourful South London

  1. Hon you could easily be a Tour Guide!!! Your knowledge and explanations of points of interests are absoutely amazing!!! I’m glad you’re on this incredible journey !!! Take care 😍


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