Flowers. Cactuses. Conservatory. Tea. 

What an adventure this morning! My goal was to visit Syon park located around the corner – buy a cactus and see the cows. While neither of those actually happened, I discovered a magical place. 

I somehow (completely accidentally) used the door which I could only imagine is for the gardener. But what a breathtaking view. The river with ducks and various birds. Flowers and greenery I have never seen before. And then came the Great Conservatory, built in the early 1800’s by the third Duke of Northumberland, designed by Charles Fowler. The architecture and natural light entering the space was breathtaking. Palm trees. Cactuses. Succulents. Water lilies. Grapes. Magical. 

I then visited the Wyevale Garden Centre located in the park. I first admired their roses, then decided to take a break at their Cafe. Obviously I had to try their traditional tea and a savoury cheese scone. It was delicious. 

I then ended my trip by admiring the cactuses in the store. Unfortunately the selection was way too big and I didn’t buy one. But I will return. 

As for the cows, they are visible in the distance, but in a closed off space. So I decided to be proper, and not trespass. Instead I admired more doors on my way home….

My afternoon was busy with more job applications, and preparing a dinner consisting of salad, chicken, roasted veggies and rice. It was awesome. 

Another day done, and a fun weekend to look ahead to. 

Hugs and kisses to everyone I miss. 





3 thoughts on “Flowers. Cactuses. Conservatory. Tea. 

  1. I absolutely love the “English Gardens”. Everything is so vibrant & beautiful. Thanks so very much for sharing. Take care. 😍


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