A Culinary Cleaning Day

Today was an everyday day, but it gave me a chance to experience with some cooking and to organize my life (somewhat). 

In the morning, I made scrambled eggs with veggies. I didn’t think the eggs were great, but Laci enjoyed it. However, I think my skills in making “diesel” are at the expert level. For anyone reading this, “diesel” refers to the energizing combo of having a cup of coffee and a cup of tea in the morning. So says my boyfriend. One cup Timmy’s coffee. One cup Maple tea.

I spent most of my morning cleaning and organizing our little space. I created a ‘his’ and ‘hers’ side on our night sands. Clearly my side includes flowers, jewellery boxes, a treasure box of heart shaped rocks and a container of glitter. 

I then set out to ride the double decker until I find a decent grocery store. I found Morrison’s. I think my first trip was very successful. With the ingredients I was able to prepare a lunch consisting of a chicken sandwich and fresh greens and vegetables with feta and balsamic vinegar. Dr. Vrecenar and I shared this little lunch in the hospital garden. Thank God the sun was shining for this 15 minute break. 

The afternoon was fairly quiet, working on my job applications. Only until I started to prepare dinner. Signature salad from lunch. Vegetable rice. Baked chicken stuffed with feta and vegetable and drizzled with gravy. With a cup of ice water, it was the most delicious meal I’ve made in a long time. 

Since it was raining outside, we decided to stay in. We tested a locally brewed ale along with a herb and garlic goat cheese from Canada. An early night, but lots of plans for tomorrow. 

Thinking of the people in the land of maple. 



One thought on “A Culinary Cleaning Day

  1. Hi hon. I so enjoyed your experiences today & love that you somehow incorporate Canada , your old hometown into England , your new hometown. Keep up the good work. Miss you ! Take care 🇬🇧


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