Balloons and the alternative culture of London! 

Today started out as a later day, as more rest was needed after my travels.

We targeted Covent Garden district which is the most eastern part of the West end of London. Once we climbed 190 stairs to exit the tube line (equivalent to 15 floors) we were greeted by sunshine and a busy neighbourhood. A tourist area, but it’s full of stylish little shops.

We first admired the French artist Charles Pétillon’s art installation – Heartbeat. It features 100,000 giant white balloons symbolizing the heart of the district. It was truly wonderful…just unfortunate that I couldn’t jump on it!

After admiring the instillation, we opted for a healthy lunch at Leon’s. It’s natural fast food, serving fair trade and organic ‘boxes’. My choice was a kale chicken ceased salad which was divine!

We next stepped foot in Sugar Sin, a modern pick and mix candy shop. Not only do you fill cute paper bags with goodies, but all treats are identified as being gelatin free/gluten free/nut free…so that everyone can enjoy as to their need!

We then headed north on a 6 km walk towards the London Borough of Camden. We first stopped at Freestate Coffee House which is hip, wood furnished space. Laci tried a latte, I opted for a flat white (Thanks Karlie for the tip).

In a couple hours, we arrived to Camden. How would I describe it? The most vibrant and diverse atmosphere I have ever seen. Urban Outfitters and All Saints, plastic souvenirs and vintage finds, cereal and Indian cuisine. I also had my Canada sighting of the day, Aldo shoes.

For dinner, we shared a plate at Nando’s and then a gelato to cleanse the palette. Mmm caramel.

We finished the night with some grocery shopping, as vacation time is over. Tomorrow, Laci goes back to work while I continue my job search.

I like London. But I dearly miss my family, friends and Canada. 🇨🇦




2 thoughts on “Balloons and the alternative culture of London! 

  1. Hey hon. Your blog is fabulous … I honestly feel I’m sharing your memories too. ❤️The ballons are awesome , just like you !!! Miss you !!! Take care 😍Ingie


  2. Sara, I LOVE that you are sharing your experiences in a Blog! Thank you! Near or far and as difficult as it is, you family and friends will always be there for you. Love this, Enjoy your new world, and a happy healthy future together. God bless.


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