Hello from London!

My first full day in London has come and gone! It was a lot of ‘firsts’ for me. Still feel like I’m in a daydream, an eventful dream it was.

Laszlo purchased my first Oyster card, used to travel on public transportation. Which is a good thing, as immediately after it started raining. No, they didn’t call for any rain today. Here came my first double decker experience!!!

Our first stop was Chiswick. A little neighbourhood full of cute shops and cafes. Here came my first British breakfast at High Road Brasserie. It was a half size with English Breakfast tea! Everything was delightful! Laszlo had a duck egg.

We then walked along cute little streets with adorable little houses! We soon reached Thames. Other than getting muddy, it was a beautiful walk. Row clubs, English pubs and little British boys heading out for a game of golf.

We soon needed to refuel, and stopped at Black Lion Pub. We had a beer and a summer cup containing Sipsmith’s gin. It was so refreshing with slices of lemon and lime.

I then had my first ride on the subway. It was not too exciting. Jetleg kicked in and I took a nap. Only to wake up for our arrival at Hyde park. We went for a nice walk in the rose garden and visited the swans and ducks on the lake….while enjoying my first British ice cream. It was very much like in Canada!

Our adventure continued on New Bond street among classy fashion boutiques, jewellery shops and antique stores. We soon ended up in Soho district full of artsy stores and restaurants. Also a number of chocolate stores and bakeries were noted. However, saved for another day.

Instead, we decided to try Wahaca for some Mexican food. Ordering was a bit a difficult, but we ended up with a nice selection to try: pork pibil tacos, Cactus and corn tacos, Large pinto bean quesadilla, Chicken Caesar tostada and my favourite, Sweet potato taquitos. We were stuffed with deliciousness!

We continued our walk to Trafalgar Square and Piccadilly Circus. Mostly tourist spots, but something to see once.

We also saw Canada house, standing tall and beautiful with sights of maple.

That’s was my first full day in London.

Oh and found some witty stationary. My friends in Canada should be expecting some of these very soon in the mail! 💌


4 thoughts on “Hello from London!

  1. Thanks for sharing all your firsts with me …. Although I miss you so much I’m so happy for you & your boyfriend ! Enjoy every moment ! Always thinking of you!❤️Ingie


  2. Ok. You two are officially the cutest couple in the planet. Your first day sounds amazing Sara. I’m glad to see your beautiful smile and u look amazing by the way….you both do 😊…. I love this blog idea and most of all I love u. Oh and just one thing….I just realized that I will be 40 years old when u come back OMG lolololololololol 😩.


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